HIV Rash

Last reviewed by Dr.Mary on September 30th, 2018.

HIV or “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” is the virus which develops into AIDS. A prominent symptom of HIV is a dark skin rash which occurs around three weeks after infection with the virus. It is vital to know the signs or symptoms of this HIV rash so that proper steps can be taken to diagnose and battle this disease.

HIV Rash Symptoms

An individual who tests positive for HIV may see what is often referred to as the “HIV rash.” At some point during the illness, at least 85% of people with HIV will have this rash. The symptoms occur around 2 to 4 weeks after a person is infected. But it should be noted that rash symptoms do not always occur in individual infected with HIV and having a rash does not mean that HIV has been contracted. Rashes are very common and can be caused by many diverse skin conditions.

HIV rash can look frightful, but physicians say it is not a cause for concern. An individual should speak with their physician if skin ulcers develop which can cause bacterial infection. There are also other rashes that are common – for instance heat rash, eczema as well as rashes due to stress, so it is important to not get into a state of panic.

Signs and symptoms of this HIV rash include

  • Brown or red razor skin bumps resembling eczema. Bumps are dark red and brown in individuals with light skin while in those having dark skin; these bumps are dark purple and black
  • Rashes affect any part of the body but develop mostly in areas such as the face, hands, feet as well as trunk.
  • Some individuals may experience blisters in the moist regions of the body such as the mouth, genitals as well as eyes.
  • Folliculitis, pimples as well as acne may occur around follicles of hair on most skin areas of the body.
  • Rashes may also itch in some individuals.
  • Additional acute symptoms include skin peeling that can cause blisters as well as sores in the areas of the genitals.
  • Individuals with rashes are also likely to develop fever, diarrhea, headaches, decrease in weight as well as vision problems
  • Swollen glands, muscle pains and aches, loss of memory, extreme fatigue, painful and stiff joints as well as regular fevers that are not explainable.
  • Herpes virus infection can cause the symptoms of HIV rash to worsen especially in individuals at the advanced stage of HIV. Characterized by red rashes that appear as fluid-filled blisters – especially with individuals with a weakened immune system.

Other Skin rashes include

  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • HPV warts
  • Tinea
  • Scabies
  • Psoriasis
  • Hives
  • Eosinophilic folliculitis

Often during the 3rd stage of HIV which is known as symptomatic HIV, rashes which are more concentrated may occur. This is the stage of HIV which lasts from 1 to 3 years and occurs before complete AIDS develops. The rashes throughout this stage are pink and often scaly. This form of HIV rash may show up on the scalp, face, armpit, chest as well as groin. It is imperative for individuals with HIV to take care of their health as well as the immune system to be able to defend against infections or complications.

HIV Rash Treatment

Appropriate diagnosis of any rash is very important before beginning any treatment for it. Typically HIV rashes last 1 to 2 weeks. So, if an individual notice a skin rash which is especially accompanied by any of the symptoms mentioned above, the individual should meet with their physician as early as possible. There is no therapy or cure for the HIV infection. Many physicians can prescribe OTC drugs to relieve the irritation as well as any itchiness which is caused. Physicians also advise the individual to avoid any exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures as this can worsen any rash or itchiness of the skin.

Apart from the above, individuals should know that it is always desirable to follow preventive actions to evade the problems of HIV infections. Practising safe sex as well as staying away from “blood to blood” contact is the significant measures to stop HIV infections.

Also, it is important to know as well as be able to diagnosis HIV rash symptoms as they are one of the first spotting signs of AIDS. But, individuals need to keep in mind that skin rash is not always a sign of HIV.

Once the individual’s physician is aware of any new developments, there are some things that can be done to help relieve the constant itching, skin irritation as well as swelling. These include:

  • Avoid extremely hot baths or showers as well as any direct sunlight. Heat will only aggravate any itchy skin rashes
  • Take baths as well as showers which are cool and apply cold compress several times a day.
  • Wear clothing which is light if at all possible, keeping the areas which are affected uncovered as clothing can irritate common rashes as well as cause itching.
  • Keep notes on any new foods or soaps which may have triggered the rash. This may point to allergy involvement.

HIV Rash Pictures

pictures of hiv rash hiv rash on back hiv rash on chest hiv rash on hands on legs hiv rash on neck





  2. in one of the pictures (HIV rash on hands) i also have the same.but don’t know if i am HIV positive. it looks the same and i also have the same thing on my foot. please help me.

  3. To both ATYERONIMUNGO TONNY and joejoe,

    Both of your symptoms could be the normal rash or skin breakouts common in America that most people suffer from. I wouldn’t automatically assume that the pictures above are an exact sign of HIV.

    I would seek a dermatologist first and then get tested for HIV if your concern is that grave.

    It can’t hurt.

    Good Luck..

  4. I had unprotected s*x and about a month later had a red rash on my upper chest and neck, went to the dermatologist and had a skin biopsy and the results were a viral infection of some kind. I recently had s*x with the same person and the very next day I had a very small red rash between my breast. Should I be concerned with being infected? I’m always looking for similar pictures like the rash had. It did not itch it was just red and when I took a hot shower the rash spread on my chest and went away on it’s own.

  5. The red rash if it was patchy could have been urticaria which can have many causes, however I suggest you get yourself tested after 3 months and then later again as well as strictly using safer s** in the meantime in order not to spread anything just in case until the last test is done…. better be safe that sorry.

  6. Hi I had unprotected s*x about 7months back and I’m having rash all over my body. They started about 2months back and they are spreading everywhere on my body..I’m really feeling scared ..anyone thinks I might be hiv +?

  7. Does the rash show up between ur legs too? Just in one spot above the.knee cap below the.vagi** not touching the vagi** tho….. how do u know u have it? It looks like shaffing when ur leg rubs ur other let that’s why I ask cauz my friend has one….. and doesn’t have an email that’s y she used mine…… any suggestions to a scared young girl?

  8. Im 19 years old. About 4 months ago i had unprotected s*x for the first time i had s*x in general. I knew that the person i was going to have interc0urse with could be hiv positive and was previously with a girl that shared needles and they didn’t use protection. my mistake, my consequence for being irresponsible. a couple days later my body was sick? I woke up and had a fever, it definitely felt like the stomach flu. It was horrible. I got a flu like virus 2-3 weeks later and I’ve been sick ever since. My lymph nodes have been swollen for months, i’m having herpe labialis outbreaks and, i’m tired and restless ,sore throat, muscles and joints, weight loss and appetite loss.I feel sick. i tested 2 weeks ago, i wasn’t positive. they told me to go back in 3 weeks and 3 months after that. I’m not afraid, i’m brave. I will live my life of consequence. in the end its my battle nobody elses. I was just curious to know if anyone that is hiv positive could tell me what the symptoms are like. thank you, for everything.

  9. Im 25 and recently discovered that I’m hiv positive, I’m determined not to let this minor set back ruin my life so my ? Is do anyone know of any good counseling places or sites where other hiv positive may chat
    located in houston tx?

  10. keep hoping for the best in life

  11. I just recently found out i was hiv+ back in feb.. while I was pregnant…my significant other cheated on me and now Im dealin with the consequences..but is HAPPY to say my bby is not positive thanks to anti-viral drugs….

  12. Be strong guys I hope one day there will be a cure.

  13. I recently learnt that i am hiv pos and that i passed the disease to my girlfriend with whom i love so much .it has been 9 months now however she is always unwell because we both havent been i have suicidal thoughts most of the times and i no longer feel it is worth living.I am a university student and was preparing to marry after my graduation however i feel my soul is tiring as i think of what tommorow will be like.

  14. l have some rashes in my legs arms and face but it itch only during night.please tell me what is it.

  15. So if u have hiv and pregnant they have meds so the baby wont get it??? Because my boyfriend has hiv i haven’t had any signs of me having it and were soon to be married and wand kids together but worried about the baby getting it i have 4 kids of my own

  16. Wishful thinker

    Please keep hope

  17. Does the rash appear on the head of a pen*s?

  18. The best advice is to not have s*x with high risk populations, even with a condom. Condoms do not protect you from HIV like the Govt and the “safe sex crowd” love to advertise. HIV viruses are smaller than most fibers in condoms and in some cases can infiltrated thru those microscopic holes.

    Populations to avoid include homosexual/bisexual males, Black and Hispanic males (stats show that the HIV/AIDS rate is vastly higher in those two racial/ethnic groups than White or Asian males; plus it’s obvious by how most, NOT ALL blacks in particular hit on almost any kind of woman they can and that the vast majority will f**k anybody) and bisexual/homosexual males have the highest statistic s*x partners of any sexual group.

    Also, avoid cocaine/crank/meth users (regardless of whether they “just snort”; straws are typically used by multiple users and trace amounts of blood can be past from user to user, so don’t have s*x with them or share straws), anyone that injects narcotics with others (although injection by those that strictly use by themselves are actually a very safe population because technically injection is actually the safest way to ingest drugs, again when done by themselves, BUT YOU DON’T know a intravenous users REAL habits), women/men who want to have s*x “with out even knowing your last name” such as drunk people you may meet at a night club and more.

    Guys trust me, you are NOT “Mr lucky” if some girl at a club wants you to take her home for s*x, there’s probably been about 1000 “Mr. Lucky’s” before you. This is NOT a POLITICALLY CORRECT ANSWER but then again AIDS IS NOT A POLITICALLY CORRECT DISEASE. Complain all you want, but SCIENCE doesn’t lie.

  19. I had one risky unprotected s*x around 1 year ago, and i got tested twice once after the first three months, second after 6 months and both came up negative. But i sometimes feels something’s wrong wit me, or when i see any rashes on my body, it just freaks me out. please help me here!

  20. keep pray and god first… we all live in a world where as we have to live life…. just be wise about your deceision making… good news or bad…. life isnt over until the” creator” saids so, what ever the news is… dont get caught up: teach yourself… heel yourself….we all have to go one day we may not no where we came from but we control our destiny.

  21. Almost, that was a very smart and wise statement.
    I also have a rash on my chest that looks like whitehead pimples and they can be popped. I had this about a year ago once and I got it before that once (when I was a virgin). It could be a case of heat rash (even in the winter from over heating/ sweating). Mine is heat rash and usually takes a week ish to clear (mine does at least).
    HIV usually takes months to get into your blood anyways so I highly doubt if you feel sick the next day it is not because of HIV.

  22. I am Atyeronimungu Tonny. I would just like to give you thanks and appreciation for your encouraging,soothing, loving and counseling. You make me wake up to see yet another ray of hope and sign of new day in my life. My university education will perhaps benefit my suffering brothers and sisters and relatives after finishing this studies in 2003.
    but i have yet another health concern that i would request you to help me. much as i have been testing non-reactive for four months,there still exists sore throat which have exited since the two weeks after the unprotected s*x. Also there is unusual skin texture:peeling like on the legs i mean the legs have some small thread-likes lesions.


  23. I had s*x with my partner and noticed my palms were peeling.I tested negative after 3 months but I’m still scared.It’s 15months now and occasionally notice tiny rashes on my arms.Please what do I do?

  24. + living and happy

    Hi, I am hiv+ and living with the disease. i found i was + about 4 years ago. i am married and my husband found out first. we are both living with it. when i first found out i was so hurt. i cried almost everyday. but then i thought about my kids (whom don’t know and are not +) and began dealing and coping with it. recently i got sick, very sick. i had pneumonia. i thought i was gonna die, but i had GREAT dr’s and i was treated. due to my recent illness i have began my hiv treatment. it has been a long road thus far but i am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. i do have some sort of skin rash on my face, neck, back and chest that have left dark marks. they itch as well but i will be going to a dermatologist.

    i just want people who are + to understand that u can live with the disease and have and maintain a healthy life. make sure u get and follow treatments. TAKE UR MEDS REGULARLY! they work!!!! i am feeling so good.

    and to the UNIVERSITY STUDENT with suicidal thoughts…please continue living. find a great infectious disease doctor in your area and get TREATED. its not the end of the world. the ones living with the disease are the ones that take our meds and see our dr’s regularly. its ok. its not the end of the world unless u make it that way.

    so live freely and be happy…IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN U.

  25. Hi Tonny,

    Just some words of advise, get Tested before you loose your mind.
    know your status so you can manage it.

    All these little petty petty illnesses are caused by you not knowing your Status
    thus now your mind is playing tricks on you.

    Be a man, slap that rubber on when you get lucky and know your status.

    JHB South Africa

  26. Hi, wishful thinker
    Thank you for the warm words.It isn’t easy but it is those few words people like you say that give others a reason to want to see tomorrow.
    i am looking for a young hiv positive couple who would like friends to talk to in those times life just seems worthless, unfair and unworthy of all the trouble.
    If we are truly not alone in this fight, then lets fight back through the will to live together.

  27. Never unprotected sx again, be safe and sorry

  28. Hello everybody,

    I am 24 years old guy. Have you been cried, worried, stressed, … much and much in your life? This is my worst time that am spending it with lots of tears in my eyes. The reason is, I had s*x before a month, but cond0m was broken. After that time, am always stressed. Starting from last week I have seen the following symptoms: rashes on my face, fever, tonsil, weakness, lost appetite. I had hiv test before a week(just one month after having that sexual interc0urse) but the result is non-reactive. But now the symptoms freaks me and am really in deep stress and am always crying inside my bed. I don’t have any friend whom i can share my stress. Please someone who have the same situation or who is already infected by HIV contact me and let me discuss some issues. Now I have declared my self as HIV positive. Please help me. Looking forward your advises. Thanks.

  29. Oh yes I used 2 cond0ms instead of 1 and they were government cond0ms that’s why I’m so stressed..

  30. I have sores on my genit*ls with water inside them but they are tiny like its not telling me something to be cautious of…

  31. Me n my girlfriend will pray 4 u all

  32. 20 year old boy

    hi ya..had unprotected s*x 6 weeks ago with a random girl i met at a club. can’t believe was so tonsil stones, sore throat 8 days later and my lips are cracking i don’t understand why..a week ago i started having pain in my armpits and elbow joints… just noticed some red rash things that look like mosquito bites on my thigh..really worried.could this be hiv?

  33. we will pray for a cure one day.

  34. Hello Crying, I find myself in the same situation as you. It all began a year after I broke up with my ex bf, who I’ve been going out with since freshman yr of his, we broke up and a couple of months later we saw each other and had unprotected s*x. The only reason why I’m really scared is because I know that he’s been with dozens of girls and I’m almost sure he’s never used a cond0m. Before we had s*x the last time I asked him if he’s gotten tested and he told me he did but I have a gut feeling he didn’t. It’s been 7 months since I’ve seen him and I’ve had some weird symptoms like Fainting. Sometimes I feel like I’m over reacting but being infected is very real and It can happen to anyone. I’m too scared to get tested because I know if i come out positive I would absolutely be devastated and might try to do something stupid and kill myself. So now I live everyday in limbo,not knowing if I’m gonna make it though the day but one things for sure, there is never a day that goes by where I don’t think about it. It’s crazy sometimes I find myself crying at the thought of telling my family or trying to live my life. Somedays I feel like I’m not worthy of living, I feel depressed but I try my best to snap out it because at the end of the day there’s people who count on me, and I know if I could find myself telling them they would have my back. So if anybody else feels they way I do please let me know because your not alone

  35. Hey Ashley & All.

    Just wanted to share my feelings for everyone, I too am in the same situation. For the past year I’ve stressed constantly about whether or not I’m HIV positive. I had unprotected s*x with a ex girlfriend I’d met at work. Ever since, I’ve been loosing weight and I am constantly fatigued. I don’t know if it’s the stress taking its toll or the virus. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just not worth living in limbo. I’ve completely sheltered myself from life & I haven’t had intimate relations since, that’s not what i want & neither do you. I beg you to do as I have & order a test with your PCP(dr). Nobody wants this to be the case but at worst,we can still live prosperous lives with the help of today’s medications. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, don’t lose hope & keep a good head on your shoulders no matter what.

    Much love everyone, stay strong!

  36. I had a low grade fever for a week just after unprotected s*x. Is it indication of hiv?

  37. Hi I’m 18. I had unprotected An*l s*x with a boy I met in may. During the end of July or the beginning of aug. During the ending of nov, I started feeling what think was joint pains and what I think that was a swollen lymph node on the right side of my groin now I have a mole looking thing on my back that peeled and now has a black dot in the middle of it. I can’t sleep I keep waking up. I’m scared to death to go to the doctor or to tell my parents. I just feel so stupid about this because I was rushing to have s*x. With a guy that probably lied to me about him going to the doctor. I guess I trust him because he seem like he was a nice responsible boy with a 1 year old son. I just don’t wanna live this world yet I wanna be here to see the 5 most important people in my life grow up…. So body plz help me…..

  38. The best way to know is to get tested and if you’re positive get counselling and treatment, if you’re not try your best to protect yourself under every circumstance.

  39. Very concerned/Scared

    About a week and a half ago I had a s*xual encounter with a friend who I had barely met. We didn’t have s*x nor did he penet*ate but we did kissed and bit each other a lot. I was on my period there for I was wearing a tampon and was the reason why we did not got any further. Two days later after the encounter I got two blisters by my mouth and now a week and a half later have a small red rash and part of it is turning brown also my acne increased a lot and I’ve had a lot of muscle pains and aches, also my throat felt sore for a couple of days and now I’m experiencing head aches. Is it possible that I contracted HIV during that session I did not have any cuts and he did not penetrate since I had a tampon. Please help!!

  40. Hi everyone, my story goes like this, all my life i had been into women , raised in a christian household, and just very sheltered as can be, well i met this one guy who invited me to have s*x with him, and i figured it wouldn’t hurt that it was all in a curious fun type thing. well it happened , and now I’m convinced he gave me hiv, being that he confessed that he was bisexu*l and had been with plenty of people, i want every one to know that as a christian i remained a virgin for thirtyone years of my life, I’am now 33, he remains the only guy I’ve been with, EVER, and now my symptoms include a sinus infection that does not go away, and i feel a weakness in my body, and you know that feeling you get when something is not right. THE POINT is the devil if he exist is out there waiting to devour those who are in Christ, god detest the sin we do, but he loves us. take care god bless everyone it is probable I’m positive now, and that’s all it took once, for the tragedy to happen.

  41. vic
    guys, we all make mistakes but as human beings we have to learn from our mistakes. Lets repent of our sins because our skin is our sin, and turn our faces to God and ask for sincere authentic forgiveness from the heart. Remember that God is plentiful in mercy and compassion not to mention he actually feels what you feel and can relate. God is the best and there is nothing he cannot and will not do for you, our bodies will someday die but, our souls will continue on this is what makes the human being unique. Lets not worry about the past and focus on the future and take it a day at a time.Let love triumph.

  42. I am 20 years old. About a month ago I had unprotected 0ral sex with a guy. About a week ago i noticed my lymph nodes in my neck were swollen and I can hardly eat anything. I am so scared that I have HIV. SO SCARED.

  43. devastated crying feeling hopeless

    hi, i just found out yesterday that i am hiv +. I have been crying my eyes out and feel like my world has been crashing down and I’m going to die. It feels like a serious death sentence. I am so depressed an need someone to talk to help me i don’t want to die. I’m so sad I am not going to be able to have kids or probably a relationship coz I’m scared no one will want to be with me PLEASE HELP ME

  44. Sigh) I’ve been with my ex partner 6yrs we broke up this may/june. I caught him cheating I was 16 when I eloped to be with him. I know we had our issues like 7 months before we separated me an my ex weren’t having s*x. I began having s*x with a guy I had met.. I know he was negative that partner would ask me to go get tested being I’ve never tested I was always with the same man til that I never did.

    After 6 months I thought me & my ex were working things out we started being together more often & sleeping together.. that’s when after months passed then I caught him after a while I confronted the chick he.was with if they used protection. she had said they didn’t. They had been sleeping 2gethr for 2 months after the separation. I only stuck with that partner then. A couple of months later he was feeling the diarrhea symptoms all symptoms then asked me to get tested. I was so scared after him calling me so many times I went & came back positive his was still non reactive my level & everything was high. I felt so bad although I’m dealing with it just the thought hurts me because all this is hitting him harder. He has a son that looks to him he feels he let his family down & I’m the cause of that if only I would have tested when he asked me or right after I separated from my ex. He wouldn’t be in the predicament hes in.

    I just wish I can take everything from him & just pass it to me . After I confronted my ex about it he didn’t want to get tested. He just said that he is sorry. Now I feel I cant b a normal person. I cant fall in love with a person that is not + only 1 person in my family knows. I never got pregnant from my ex its always been my dream. Since I was a little girl to have a family when I was told I was + i took it like ok but inside I cried. I cried when I got home I still cry when I think about the possibility of falling in love with a non+ getting them infected or even how will I have a family, please I just need some help advice people who have gone thru it & going through it not only for me but my partner…

  45. i hope there will be a cure bless u

  46. Hi all,
    i had protected s*x about three weeks ago with a potential HIV infected lady (don’t know if she is tho) but took it as if she is infected and I’ve developed a rash recently on my inner thigh, I’ve got a kind of diarrhea but only in the mornings and no other symptoms, I’m too scared to go and get tested. Can anyone please contact me i would appreciate it.

  47. Just recently found out that am hiv+ and am 11weeks pregnant. I don’t know what to do help.

  48. Hello today I got a call that I believe was a prank call but I’m in no way 100% sure and it said that a former female who I had slept with was HIV positive. You can imagine what’s going through my head right now but I write to whoever is reading this to let you know that there is a God and he would never wish harm upon us but we tie his hands when we fall into sin I pray that I am not infected but whether I am or not let our life’s be a mirror of hope and faith and that everyday we wake up is a blessing and that every breath we take can be our last. Tonight has been very dramatic for me the devil has really tested my faith and I’m choosing to stand and be strong it is our faith in God that will keep us going. If you get anything from this just please don’t give up on life & yourself and also don’t give up on love there’s someone out there for all of you. It’s now 1:05 and I just received news that it was not a real call and I can stand firm and say GOD IS GOOD. I pledge to never stop praying for you all God bless you all #pray for a cure.

  49. So I’m 20, I live a crazy wild life. Its a 50/50 chance I’m h.i.v postitive. . I have a 3 year old , I’m really scared to get tested and find out. I have itchy rash on my neck, and rash on my trunk . . My memory is all fkd up . I’m really scared and my partner don’t know about this . . What should I do? Its eating me alive to know I may b hiv positive. . . .

  50. I’ve been with a my boyfriend for14 years.. I found out 8 years ago he’s g*y,even though I was still with him and he’s positive I found out a year ago, after that I was with him and I text my self two times and it came negative, I test again negative, my next step is to pray to God and thank him for his blessings. God loves u and forgives to forgiveness.

  51. worried and deceptive

    Its surprising how many people are like me out there. unprotected s*x!!!its the most dangerous game. I had it and worse i didn’t enjoy it at all. I have never enjoyed having s*x with all the pr0stitutes I have had it with yet I kept going back for more,what is wrong with me? If i die of hiv then i have about 5years more before it blows in my face. Hope it will work well in the next five years. I wish i had done things differently, but i messed up, its such a mess i don’t know who to talk to and where to go and even what to do. I have been deceiving people for too long and more dangerously i have been deceiving myself.

  52. So we’ve made some really stupid decisions. The good news is this disease is not what it used to be. You can live a perfectly normal healthy life with treatment. For those of you who are positive I will pray for you always. For those who don’t know get tested if you want to know. If u don’t want to know but are living a life full of fear And anxiety talk to someone. that is no way to live. And just be safe. Bad decisions seem fun at the time but think of the consequence.

  53. dont stress yet...

    Hey dolls guys, my heart goes out to all you with HIV. For the one’s that think or may have HIV without knowing should get looked at just to make sure. A lot of stressing will go away even if u are HIV + because you know the truth and can do something about it now …. its better than asking yourself day by day, that eats you up guys! I myself can’t wait to go get HIV tested. I go every time when I have a new Guy in my life because hey we don’t always have a cond0m on. I’m also a dancer yes pole Dancer so I’m at a high Rate but I never have s*x with men from work, but I have with men that work around the clubs…. we all just need to stay strong and live life the best way we can. By the way its ok to cry and talk about what’s on your mind cryings good for the soul 🙂

  54. I am an African, a believer with perpetual faith. I am deeply moved and inspired by your comments and it is evidence that as human beings we can overcome all the challenges that we are faced with. My view is that anything that happen to another being has a ripple effect on the nation, society or community, hence Jesus Christ once said “First seek the kingdom of God and Love your neighbour as you love thyself”, and these are the two most important commandments.

    HIV is cheating the lives of many people in Africa and in particular those who live in poverty. The are seek and yet they cannot communicate with anybody due to lack of needed resources such as the internet. At least some of us can access those who are faced with the same difficulties to discuss and console each other through internet networking, words have a way of healing and clearly from the positive communication on this site it is proof thereof.

    I agree with one of the respondents that HIV is severe in the black society and particularly in Africa, as much as the respondent who contracted the virus on the first encounter; there are no boundaries whether religion or race. The purpose of HIV is to rob our fruitful lives and we should not allow it.

    Let us work in unity to ensure that the silent killer is eradicated. Silent killer due to other people in poor nations being sick and not being aware of what is happening to them and as a result their lives.

    The virus shall be overcomed and let us forgive ourselves for mistakes that we have made and always remain optimistic. Let our lives be fruitful as they were designed.

  55. Hi guys. God is the God of all flesh, nothing is impossible with him. It is also not too late to turn to him. He is merciful.

  56. I have little white dots on my testicles, and one pretty big red dot, i don’t have joint pains or anything like that, any one know whats going on?

  57. Go to the doctor

  58. Hey guys, I’m 18, male and received unprotected orl sx (and that was it) and I got a rash exactly 5 weeks later and swollen lymph nodes a little later than that. I just wanted to know if its possible that I have HIV. From almost all the websites I’ve read they said symptoms occur 2-3 weeks or 2-4 weeks. I received a rash exactly 5 weeks w/ no fever. I’m thinking 5 weeks is far too long, especially for the appearance of my 1st symptom.

    I got tested 7 weeks after possible infection (6 weeks 5 days to be exact) and came out negative. Is this conclusive? Also, If I tested negative after the appearance of swollen lymph nodes, does that mean I’m for certain negative?, since swollen lymph nodes signifies that my body is fighting infection and therefore if nodes were swollen due to HIV, that would mean the antibodies are present in the blood (HIV tests look for antibodies).

    I keep telling myself that I’m negative but I have this little voice in the back of my head that tells me that I do have it. I know that receiving orl sx is low risk and that a test after 6 weeks is more than 90% accurate, but I just don’t know. I thought I was practicing safe s*x but now I’m unsure. Some websites say that getting HIV from receiving orl s*x is almost impossible while others say that there is a risk. I know there is risk for giving orl s*x, which is the only reason why I don’t do it.

    I was thinking about getting tested this week, making it 9 weeks and 5 days since possible infection, but I want to make this my last visit for an HIV test because the wait and uncertainty of my last visit was extremely painful for me. Should I get tested this week or painfully drag it out for another 3 weeks.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  59. I am 24 years of age who been with a lot of men in my past and future I regret the things I’ve done and wish I could take them back but it’s life we’re not perfect my symptoms are diarrhea in the morning I have two rashes on my shoulder but no where else I constantly get headaches and also have loss of memory I’ve been tested every six months non reactive is the results but I have a bacteria infection every two weeks almost I don’t get it I feel like I have it or will have it but I just keep praying to god and thanking him everyday for waking me up I don’t have s*x any more and if I do I’ll be married first the devil is working but as long as I keep faith in god and keep believing in him I know i’ll be ok the devil is a lie god bless u all live for god it’s not to late he will be back soon.

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