Sweet Taste in Mouth – Causes and Treatment

What is Sweet Taste in Mouth? This is a problem of alteration of the sensation of taste which is also known a...

Mouth Ulcers

What are Mouth Ulcers? Mouth ulcer is a round shaped wound in the oral cavity. It may have developed from a ...

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

What is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease? This is a contagious but mild viral infection very common in children wh...

Blood Blisters – Causes, Treatment, Pictures

What is a Blood Blister? This is a type of blister which develops when blood vessels as well as tissues of th...

Jaw Pain on One Side – Causes and Treatment

Jaw pain which is only on one side can be due to several causes, and can be discussed with a family dentist. ...

HPV Warts – Treatment, Pictures, Symptoms, Types

What are HPV Warts? HPV warts are caused by an infection with the virus HPV and are extremely common. HPV vi...

Fordyce spots – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Pictures

What are Fordyce’s spots? These are also known as Fordyce granules, Fordyce’s condition as well as “seb...

Canker Sore – Treatment, Causes, Pictures, Home Remedies, Symptoms

What is a Canker sore? Canker sores are also known as apthous ulcers and are shallow small lesions which deve...

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