Pimples on Arms

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What are the reasons for pimples on the arms?

Numerous individuals endure acne during their lifetime. Approximately 70% of individuals in the United States have this fairly common skin problem. Acne may develop almost anywhere on the body, and the causes differ depending on the area where they develop. For example, the primary cause of pimples on the tongue is due to an allergy to certain foods. Most individuals usually have pimples on their face. But then, there are those who don’t have them on the face but have pimples on the back and arms. Pimples on the upper arm are tremendously perplexing and not easy to get rid of.

Pimples on Arms Causes

Most medical professionals believe that dry skin causes the majority or approximately 90% of pimples on the upper arms. This skin on the upper arm tends to collect numerous dead cells since it lacks proper attention. It is these dead cells which clog up the pores and cause the formation of bumps on the skin. These bumps in some cases are related to acne. Many individuals forget about the upper part of the arms. They treat elbows with moisturizing as well as exfoliating agents but neglect the upper arms until summer time.

There can be other causes like hereditary problems such as Keratosis pilaris, vitamin D deficiency, as well as hormonal shifts. These hormonal shifts are most common with women who are pregnant and lead to the occurrence of pimples.

Generally, males have more arm pimples than females. Just as in the case of the face, arms also have follicles of hair which connect to the oil-secreting glands. When these glands get blocked because of dead skin cells combined with the oil, it leads to pimples. This problem is more common with those who dress in tight fit clothing as well as those individuals who sweat profusely.

Pimples on Arms Treatment

Keratosis pilaris is not a condition that is harmful, and it responds well to exfoliation and moisturizing. Vitamin D deficiency can be treated with Vitamin D supplements, daily diet as well as exposure to sunlight. But it is important to remember that tanning of the skin is not healthy so watch for any overexposure to sunlight.

There are a couple of methods which can be adopted to get rid of skin disorders or pimples and keep them away. It is important to scrub the body with a loofah as well as a liberal sum of moisturizer or soap with moisturizer in those areas of the upper arm.

Exfoliating these areas will also help to get rid of all the dead cells on the skin. For any treatment to take effect, you need to continue what you are doing to get rid of pimples as it will often take 15 days to show any effectiveness.

Listed are some recommendations for controlling arm pimples:

  1. It is important to wear clothes that fit properly to keep arm pimples away.
  2. After working out, it is essential to shower to keep the arms clean.
  3. Get the proper amount of good sleep since sleep helps to keep away stress which helps in preventing pimple breakouts.
  4. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as this can help with problems with pimples.
  5. People who have problems with upper arm pimples are advised to keep their hair cut short as long hair is prone to touch the upper arms and cause pimples.

Pimples on Arms Pictures

Pimples on Arms Pimples on Arms Pimples on Arms Pimples on Arms
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