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Left Arm Numbness – Causes and Treatment

Written by Dr.Mary

There are numerous causes for numbness in the left arm. Feelings in the hand as well as the fingers are missing if an individual has numbness in the arm. Normally, this numbness in the hands is caused by compressed nerves in the arm. There can be a tingling or burning sensation, at times together with a pain that is sharp.

But at the same time numbness in the left arm can be a symptom of a life threatening problem such as a possible problem with the heart. So any numbness of the left arm needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible especially if accompanied with chest discomfort.

Causes of Left Arm Numbness

What causes numbness in the left arm? The causes of this condition can include:


There may be elbow, arm as well as fingers that have become fractured which cause the numbness of the hand. Hand and arm numbness because of fracture is normally accompanied with sharp pain in the area of the fracture.

Nerve Compression and Nerve Damage

At times the nerve that runs from the left arm to the central nervous system becomes compressed. This is one of the more common reasons for left arm numbness. This is due to the interference of blood circulation in the left arm as well as the pinching of the nerve. One of the main causes of nerve damage is diabetic neuropathy. Another cause of nerve damage is carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused by compressed nerves in the wrist and is one of the leading causes of injury in the work place from working on computers.

Ganglion Cysts

These are non-cancerous growths which develop on the hand but mostly on the wrists. These cysts can develop rapidly or gradually and can affect joint movements as well as cause numbness in the left arm. They can be removed by surgery.

Raynaud’s Disease

This syndrome can cause the fingers to become numb and is caused by the arteries in the arms becoming narrow thus causing the numbness. Many women suffer from this problem.


Many cases of left arm numbness are caused by stroke. This is caused by blood supply to the brain being reduced or interrupted and depriving the brain of nutrients and oxygen.



There are times when numbness in the hands is misunderstood as angina. The major cause of angina pain is arteriosclerosis. Severe chest pain also with numbness in the left arm is a major symptom of a heart attack.

Other causes of left arm numbness can be due to Vitamin B deficiency as well as alcoholism.

Left Arm Numbness Treatment

Left arm numbness is a symptom of a wide number of disorders, conditions and diseases that either restricts the flow of blood or causes injury to the nerves.

The treatment for numbness of the left arm is completely reliant on the cause of the numbness.

If an individual has numbness in the left arm, it is advised to consult a primary care physician to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for the numbness.

Remember that some arm pain or numbness in the left arm when accompanied with chest discomfort could be symptoms of a heart attack so seek immediate medical attention in these cases.

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