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Eyelid Swelling – Causes, Treatment, Pictures

Written by Dr.Mary

What causes Eyelid swelling?

Swelling of the eyelids seems to be a symptom which is very common in many individuals and they complain about it a lot. Of course, individuals become worried but many people don’t do anything and normally just let the swelling go do on its own. Some may take a warm cloth and apply it over the swelling; other may take an OTC antihistamine such as Claritin. Then there are those who are most anxious and may begin squeezing and picking and in some cases intensify the condition.

Eyelid Swelling Causes

Allergic Reactions

Eyelid swelling may be caused by nail polish, makeup, hair spray allergies, animals or plant allergies, chemical allergies. Allergies of animals are more commonly caused by any pet such as cats or dogs.

Blepharitis/chronic blepharitis

Blepharitis is a very exasperating situation which reoccurs and causes inflammation of the eyelids. There are underlying conditions which aggravate blepharitis. The symptoms of potential blepharitis can include burning in the eye feeling, extreme tearing, and foreign body feeling as well as itching of the eye.


This is an infection of the eye which is contagious. It can be either viral of bacterial in nature but also triggered by environmental irritants, allergy, contact lenses as well as eye-drops and ointments. It normally causes itching, swelling, redness of the eye protective membrane as well as burning.


Styes are sebaceous glands located near the base of the eyelashes which have become inflamed. They are most frequently caused by staphylococcus bacteria – they look like pimples.


This is caused by the blockage of oil glands. It can cause swelling of the upper as well as the lower eyelid. Other symptoms that can occur are pain, redness, itchiness as well as lumpiness of the eyelid.

Other less common causes include:


Irritation/inflammation of the subcutaneous tissues as well as the skin

Orbital Cellulitis

bacteria infectivity of the tissue around the eye which causes swelling as well as redness around the eyes and is normally a consequence of a primary condition such as sinusitis, conjunctivitis, or even diabetes.


either herpes zoster virus or herpes simplex

Eyelids swelling can also be caused by an overlooked blunt trauma or a bite of an insect.


Remember to tell your physician if you have recently traveled. Behavioral changes while traveling can increase risks of many medical problems linked to the swelling of the eyelids such as those that have been mentioned above.

Eyelid Swelling Treatment

Cold compress

If the swollen eyelid comes with itching as well as burning, using a cold compress can offer some reprieve. Take a soft and clean cloth. Dip this in ice cold water then press lightly on the swollen eyelid. Don’t touch or rub the swollen eyelid as it might make the discomfort worse. Change the water from time to time.

Ice pack

Ice is excellent for the treatment of swelling as well as inflammation. Take several cubes of ice and wrap them in a towel. Gently apply this on the swollen eyelid. Never put ice straight on the eyes as this can cause ice burn as well as damage to the tissue.

Apply cucumber

Get a cucumber slice and apply it on the closed eyelids for approximately 10 minutes. Cucumbers are rich in ascorbic acid as well as silicon

Control salt intake

If you have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure, limit salt intake from your diet. Excessive salt triggers retention of the water in the body and this in turn causes swelling of the eyes.

Witch hazel extracts

This astringent is known to have properties which reduce swelling. Soak a cotton ball in this solution and squeeze out any extra fluid.

Use tea bags

These bags contains tannic acid which are enormously helpful in reducing eyelid swelling as well as giving aid to the burning eyes.

Eye makeup

Many individuals develop allergy reactions to makeup for the eye. And, eye makeup will block eyelids glands. Always remove eye makeup before going to bed at night so that the skin may breathe.

Use potatoes

Take thin slices of potato and place them on your closed eyelids for 15-30 minutes for a comforting effect.

Eyelid Swelling Pictures

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