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Signs of Liver Damage

Written by Dr.Mary

Liver damage can be profound when it comes to its signs and symptoms. Having a liver problem can be straining on the part of the affected. So once the following signs are identified, immediate medical intervention is a must.

The main identifier for liver damage is jaundice. This would entirely indicate that there is a problem with your liver or even your gallbladder. In instance damage is done to our livers, its main function of producing bile is not completed. In effect, changes in color of the skin and even the white parts of the eye occur.

Change in appetite is another sign of a liver problem. Loss of appetite can result to weight loss. This can be abrupt and in some situations, the metabolism of carbohydrate, proteins and fat in the body is not properly done. Anemia may also follow as a sign of liver damage. It can be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and nausea leaving the patient weak and malnourished. If these persist, the development of a gastric ulcer may follow.

The discoloration of the stool is also a sign of this condition. This is due to bile duct blockage or low bile duct secretion. Patient’s stools may be pale and lighter in color, not in its usual. Bile is known as our body’s component that is responsible for the color of our stool, preferably dark. Urine changes may also occur. The color of urine may be darker than usual.

Damage to the liver can result to scarring then will be followed by hepatomegaly (enlarged liver). With this, bloating and abdominal distention are manifested by the patient. In addition, this will give the patient a hard time to breathe.


An overtly sensitive skin is a result of liver damage. This is an early sign of a liver problem. This can progress to intolerable itchiness, as it is advised for the patient to apply skin moisturizer.

Feelings of tiredness cannot be directed to having a liver damage. But when this sign is presented along with the other symptoms above, then we can conclude that this is related to the problem.

Other signs would include headache, itchy eyes, low fever, constipation and lethargy. All of the presenting manifestations are said to be either acute or chronic. This entirely depends on the extent of damage that the liver has. Proper consultation is a must so that further damage can be avoided.

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